The Legend of Kyyden

Content Notice: Blood, Violence

Set roughly 18 years before the main story, this opening tale follows our future main character’s parents on the harrowing night that drove them from their home. I invite you to step into a world full of swords, mystics, war, and ultimately, hope for a brighter future.

Prologue: The Kingdom of Sol-Ar is under siege from the invading Ashen army. King Damian is running through the halls of his once grand castle, now full of flames, death, and destruction, dispatching foes along the way as he focuses on his goal; to reach his wife and newborn son. However, before he can secure their safety Damian will have to contend with a mysterious foe wielding the flames of darkness and a fierce grudge.

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Preview Pages (The opening pages of the story in scene by scene format)



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